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What is Vedic Astrology?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Vedic Astrology know as Jyotish is considered the eye of the Vedas, and one of the 6 limbs or Vedangas of the disciplines of the ancient wisdom traditions of India. The Vedas or sacred texts are still a living wisdom. Jyoti means heavenly light.

A sister science to yoga and Ayurveda, Jyotish is the"Jyotir Vidya"(the lore of light). It is the study of all the facets of light of the sun, moon, planets and stars. This highly evolved intricate astrological system works with the sidereal astronomical sky. This turns out to be close to a 24 degree shift earlier than the Western Astrology’s tropical calculations, which is based on the equinoxes and seasons of the earth and pinned to a calendar not the actual sky. In other words we study the actual placements of the planets. How the calendar and the sidereal sky drifted apart is another story which I will attempt to explain in another blog.

In brief, it has to do with the earths wobble and the precession of the equinoxes over time. Another way to understand how it's more precise to use the Sidereal Zodiac is to note, if a ship is out to sea and the Captain needs to navigate where he is, he will use sidereal calculations to stay on course because they are a part of the actual astronomy, the real planetary placements. He would be lost if he used the tropical calendar to navigate where he actually is!

Vedic Astrology also takes into account the 27 Nakshatras, also known as the Lunar Mansions, they are the stars and space beyond the zodiac belt deeper in space, yet still observable. The moon travels through all of the 27 Nakshatras every month.

Vedic Astrology is not a religion or a belief system, it is the study of the influences of the planets and star systems on soul beings having a human experience. Thinking in terms of energy , light and vibrational frequency The time of our birth creates our Natal Astrology Chart that is a snapshot of the sky patterns at our birth time. Each one of us even though similar in many ways , has our own individual Blue Print of our souls energy at the moment we took our first breath This is our Rashi or birth chart.

This Karmic Blueprint created by light and frequency.

I think of as a unique cosmic mandala.

As we are spiritual light beings born into matter, our Astrological birth chart can be seen as the DNA of our souls karma. This shows our unique mind, body and personality that is the result of our karmas, both good and bad throughout many life times.

Jyotish can bring deep insight into our current incarnation and our souls purpose and karmic lessons. By studying current transits as well as personal planetary cycles we can learn what is in season for our lives and better prepare to work with the planetary energies upon us.

The planets known as grahas in Vedic Astrology are living energetic entities that have influence on us as they travel through the constellations. Just as the luminaries, known as the sun and moon, have a direct effect on planet earth and all its inhabitants, so do all the celestial bodies. Thus the term “as a above so below” is connected to Vedic Astrology. This timeless art and science is based on the living sky and its endless cycles.

Learning about the unique blue print of your soul or Atma through Jyotish can be a very helpful awareness tool for living your most evolved life and elevating your consciousness in this incarnation. Who doesn’t like the idea of becoming the best version of ourselves. Understanding the current cosmic weather report through the transiting planets as well as the cycles we running, can be a valuable tool for navigating life challenges. In Ayurveda healing, sacred self study is called Swadyaya. Finding our knots and places we are stuck in negative patterns is as important as discovering our hidden strengths.

Through the lens of Vedic Astrology we can discover our unique karma and mind body connection that is revealed in our chart. The data travels in our subtle bodies from one life to the next. This is revealed in our natal astrology chart as well as in the Harmonic Divisional Charts that are like a microscopic look into various areas of our lives.

JyotiVision Astrology offers a holistic approach to life's challenges integrating Jyotish in practical ways to support Mind, body and spirit. Through this sacred art and science of Vedic your inner intelligence can be awakened through a deeper insight and a greater evolution may become possible.

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