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Cancer New Moon Musings 2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

A time for emotional healing and reconnecting with higher Wisdom

The New moon in Siderial Cancer July 28th at 10:56 am PST marked the beginning of the Cancer Solar~ Lunar cycle. As the Moon wanes and completes the previous cycle, from earth she is invisible in the sky as she merges with Surya the Sun.This waning new moon or"no Moon" referred to as Amavasya in Vedic Astrology marks an ending and new beginning each month. If we tune in to this cycle, we will feel the inward pull where we want to retreat before the new cycle begins so we can set new intentions for the upcoming month.

This Cancer Moon comes super charge for auspiciousness because it landed on a Thursday, Jupiter’s day and in the Nakshatra, or Lunar mansion of Pushya the star of nourishment. This area of the sky is connected to Brihaspati a form of Jupiter related to the Guru or "remover of darkness."

The Shakti or power in this nakshatra is to Harness Creative Spiritual Energy. This is often seen as the highest form of Nourishment. This grace is welcome and needed now with the intensity of Mars and Rahu getting ready to collide in fiery Aries and the harsh aspect of retrograde Saturn now in Capricorn with his stern gaze and aspect on this Cancer new moon where we also see mercury. The beginning of this lunation cycle also comes with Jupiter, the largest planet going retrograde in watery Pisces the sign of the Mystic and or escapist!

This could be good time to let go of old emotional patterns by the help of higher teachings and practices that keep us in balance during the intensity of very challenging planetary transits.

With the Sun in Sidereal Cancer ruled by Chandra the Moon herself, our emotions may be stirred from deep within. Cancer is a satvic feminine water sign and the natural 4th house of the zodiac. Receptivity is the mode here. This area in our chart represents where we are most vulnerable and tender with the potential for depth of feeling, like a mother has for her child.The motherly unconditional love we need or long for to fully blossom is represented here in Cancer, as is our capacity for compassion and empathy. The natural 4th house of Cancer also represents our inner private world and psychological state of being. It makes me think of words in a song from Lauren Hill ~ ”How ya gonna win if you ain’t right within." The part of us that is sometimes called our heart of hearts is asking to be heard and nourished. The phrase, "so within so without," comes to my mind at this time with the Sun in watery emotional Cancer. With Saturn in the practical sign of Capricorn it is ripe time to take responsibility for our inner state. Perhaps being our own mother and not expecting others to fulfill our childish needs. As the waning Moon conjoins the Sun in Cancer, the new Moon cycle illuminates Cancerian themes of how we give and receive Love and nourishment. How are you feeling?

It's sometimes a fine line between the intuition of the Moon and emotionalism.

Depending on your rising sign, the Dasha you are running and which house Cancer is in your natal chart will determine where you will feel this vulnerability and inner stirring during this potential volatile cycle of Sun in Cancer. Activated by the new Moon in Cancer we could feel a heightened need to feel secure and safe. Bonding with others is a part of being human and it can be quite healing to let go into our vulnerability with no need to be fixed but just accepted as we are.

The sign of Cancer represents the mother instinct and particularly in the Nakshatra of Pushya with the symbol of the cow’s udder that brings nourishment to her young. Of course, many of us did not grow up in the perfect family with the motherly nurturing needed to fully bloom. During this time a sadness can be stirred for those of us still nursing childhood wounds. The potential to bring light to the darkness is here with the support of Jupiter in Pisces. How can we nourish ourselves on a deep level so we can nourish others? Are we just hiding our emotions pretending to be okay and armouring? With Mercury here in Cancer as well it can be a good time to communicate or write about your feelings to get them moving out creating more space to be fully present with yourself and others. Mercury the planet of intelligence is not real comfortable in the watery emotional world of Cancer. Maybe it’s time for some emotional intelligence? Can truth really set us free?

As the New Moon kisses the Sun in sidereal Cancer, the natural 4th house of the our emotional health it can be a good time to, "deal with how we really feel so we can heal." With the intensity of the complex planetary energies aspecting Cancer there is a potential here for some turbulent emotions if we have been avoiding our inner heart space or the difficult talks with our loved ones and inner circle.

The sign of Cancer ruled by Moon being aspected by Mars, Saturn and Jupiter can feel quite intense for the sensitive empath types out there especially as the moon moves through Ashlesha and reaches the Gandanta zone between water of Cancer and fire of Leo. This zone known as a Karmic knot can feel unstable as the Moon passes so patience and vigilance on our reactivity could keep us out of hot water as we move into August where things really heat up! Beware of emotional triggering and heightened sensitivity in self and others especially around August first when we will experience the exact conjunction between Mars and Rahu the head of the dragon.

The realistic energy of retrograde Saturn in earthy Capricorn is aspecting Cancer and the Moon as we move towards the end of July .This is not a time to wallow in victimhood but to take practical steps in managing self care and self-mothering. In Ayurveda we would say its time to calm the Pitta! Having compassion for self and others is key now for all of us. Hiding our true feelings has potential for back firing. Saturn wants us to be honest with ourselves and others in a mature way.

Mars, with Rahu(north node) close by in Aries activates an individualistc mind set and is casting a square on this vulnerable Cancer Moon ruled sign so please let us do our best not to allow our emotions to get out of control and lash out at others. This fiery energy has the potentials for exaggeration and out of control emotions. Finding creative outlet for this energy is recommended. dancing, singing, Chanting, drumming, shadow boxing or whatever can help you move the energy in a way that is not destructive. The potential for transformation is upon us through these galactic forces and using our free will in a disciplined manner can help us align with these energies and prove to be good for all in the long run.

With Jupiter in Pisces casting his 5th aspect on the Cancer moon we have an auspicious energy reminding us of our higher wisdom and teachings available. Knowledge comes wisdom when we put it to practice. Whatever it means to you, this is a good time to drop into your spiritual connection with your innate wisdom. Quiet time and taking a break from the external pressures may be essential now. Deep reflection can be quite transformational during this time. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces now, Honoring our teachers and teachings has potential to raise our vibrational frequency. Putting the teachings into practice can be the essential missing vitamin that truly nourishes.

Taking some time to journal and spend time in nature near water can be a great way to find the nourishment and inner peace where we can let go of the old emotions that are keeping us stuck in the past. Spending time with animals and children where we naturally feel the unconditional love from a pure heart can be a great way to shift into loving awareness as the Sun moves through Cancer. It may not the time to put on your armor and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Give yourself a break, stay cool and hydrated. with the Moon, Mercury , Jupiter and Saturn in feminine signs it is a perfect time to connect with Mother Earth herself and feel the gratitude for all the nourishment and beauty she provides in spite of the way she is treated!

If you would like to see what area the Solar Lunar cycle of Cancer energy is activating in your chart check out my Cosmic Alignment report or if you have any questions send me an email

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